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CConsoleReader Class Reference

this class reads characters asyncronously from the console. More...

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Public Member Functions

 CConsoleReader (CConsoleBase &aConsole)

 ~CConsoleReader ()

Protected Member Functions

void Activate ()
 read from the console and activate the active object

virtual void DoCancel ()
 cancel any outstanding events

virtual void RunL ()
 asyncronous event received.

Private Attributes

TBuf8< 2 > buffTx
CConsoleBase & iConsole

Detailed Description

this class reads characters asyncronously from the console.

it is used for e.g. getting the Ctrl-C key when playing SID tunes.

Definition at line 135 of file esidplay.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CConsoleReader::CConsoleReader CConsoleBase &  aConsole  ) 


aConsole reference to the console to read from

Definition at line 150 of file esidplay.cpp.

References Activate(), and CTOR.

CConsoleReader::~CConsoleReader  ) 


necessary ?

picked up by Lint. Is it necessary ?

Definition at line 168 of file esidplay.cpp.

References DoCancel(), and DTOR.

Member Function Documentation

void CConsoleReader::Activate  )  [protected]

read from the console and activate the active object

Definition at line 180 of file esidplay.cpp.

References ELOG1, and iConsole.

Referenced by CConsoleReader(), and RunL().

void CConsoleReader::DoCancel  )  [protected, virtual]

cancel any outstanding events

Definition at line 190 of file esidplay.cpp.

References iConsole.

Referenced by ~CConsoleReader().

void CConsoleReader::RunL  )  [protected, virtual]

asyncronous event received.

A key was pressed. In case of Ctrl-C, exit. if not, re-issue the read and go back to the scheduler.

Definition at line 198 of file esidplay.cpp.

References Activate(), ELOG1, ELOG2, gTest(), iConsole, myAudio, myEmuEngine, myTune, selectedSong, sidEmuInitializeSong(), and audioDriver::VolumeDelta().

Member Data Documentation

TBuf8<2> CConsoleReader::buffTx [private]

Definition at line 146 of file esidplay.cpp.

CConsoleBase& CConsoleReader::iConsole [private]

Definition at line 147 of file esidplay.cpp.

Referenced by Activate(), DoCancel(), and RunL().

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