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CSidPlayAppUi Class Reference

CSidPlayAppUi - Application UI. More...

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Public Member Functions

void ConstructL ()
 safe constructor

 ~CSidPlayAppUi ()

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

void DoBrowseFileL ()
 browse for .sid files

void DoScanFilesystemL ()
 Scan the filesystem for .sid files.

void HandleCommandL (TInt aCommand)
 handle key press from user

virtual TKeyResponse HandleKeyEventL (const TKeyEvent &aKeyEvent, TEventCode aType)
 Handle a key event.

TBool ProcessCommandParametersL (TApaCommand aCommand, TFileName &aDocumentName, const TDesC8 &)
 called by EIKON framework during application startup.

void UpdateCbaL ()
 Update the Command Button Array (CBA).

Detailed Description

CSidPlayAppUi - Application UI.

Definition at line 100 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSidPlayAppUi::~CSidPlayAppUi  ) 


Definition at line 170 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References iAppView, and iPlayer.

Member Function Documentation

void CSidPlayAppUi::ConstructL  ) 

safe constructor

Definition at line 129 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References CSidPlayAppView::ConstructL(), iAppView, CSidPlayer::InitL(), iPlayer, and CSidPlayer::NewL().

void CSidPlayAppUi::DoBrowseFileL  )  [private]

browse for .sid files

Definition at line 181 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References ELOG1, iPlayer, CSidPlayer::NewTune(), CSidPlayer::Play(), CSidPlayer::Stop(), and UpdateCbaL().

Referenced by HandleCommandL().

void CSidPlayAppUi::DoScanFilesystemL  )  [private]

Scan the filesystem for .sid files.

Definition at line 231 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References ELOG1.

void CSidPlayAppUi::HandleCommandL TInt  aCommand  )  [private]

handle key press from user

aCommand Command to be handled

Definition at line 260 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References emuConfig::bitsPerSample, sidTuneInfo::c64dataLen, emuConfig::channels, CSidPlayer::CurrentSidTune(), DoBrowseFileL(), ELOG2, emu_version, emuConfig::emulateFilter, epoc_version, emuConfig::frequency, emuEngine::getConfig(), sidTune::getInfo(), iAppView, CSidPlayer::iAudio, CSidPlayer::iEmuEngine, sidTuneInfo::initAddr, iPlayer, CSidPlayer::iSongName, CSidPlayAppView::iStatusView, audioDriver::IsWavDumping(), sidTuneInfo::loadAddr, emuConfig::memoryMode, MPU_BANK_SWITCHING, MPU_PLAYSID_ENVIRONMENT, MPU_TRANSPARENT_ROM, sidTuneInfo::nameString, CSidPlayer::Pause(), CSidPlayer::Play(), sidTuneInfo::playAddr, CSidPlayer::SongDelta(), audioDriver::StartWavDump(), CSidPlayer::Stop(), audioDriver::StopWavDump(), and UpdateCbaL().

TKeyResponse CSidPlayAppUi::HandleKeyEventL const TKeyEvent &  aKeyEvent,
TEventCode  aType
[private, virtual]

Handle a key event.

Definition at line 424 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References ELOG2, iAppView, iPlayer, CSidPlayAppView::iStatusView, CSidPlayer::SongDelta(), CSidPlayer::SongSelect(), UpdateCbaL(), and CSidPlayer::VolumeDelta().

TBool CSidPlayAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL TApaCommand  aCommand,
TFileName &  aDocumentName,
const TDesC8 & 

called by EIKON framework during application startup.

The variable aDocumentName contains the name of the file that the user tapped on in shell.

Some helpful info here:

Headline: Why does CMyAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL() not seem to get called on V6 of the Symbian Platform? Category: Application architecture EPOC Release: ER6 KeyWords: Application architecture, Porting, ProcessCommandParametersL, Document, File names Report: Why does CMyAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL() not seem to get called on V6 of the Symbian Platform? Answer:

This can often catch you out when porting code from ER5 to V6. The function:

TBool CMyAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL(TApaCommand aCommand,TFileName& aDocumentName,const TDesC&)

on ER5 must be coded as:

TBool CMyAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL(TApaCommand aCommand,TFileName& aDocumentName,const TDesC8& )

on V6 otherwise it will not get called.

Definition at line 502 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References ELOG3, iPlayer, CSidPlayer::NewTune(), CSidPlayer::Play(), CSidPlayer::Stop(), and UpdateCbaL().

void CSidPlayAppUi::UpdateCbaL  )  [private]

Update the Command Button Array (CBA).

Definition at line 561 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

References CSidPlayer::CurrentSidTune(), sidTune::getInfo(), CSidPlayer::iIdlePlay, iPlayer, and sidTuneInfo::songs.

Referenced by DoBrowseFileL(), HandleCommandL(), HandleKeyEventL(), and ProcessCommandParametersL().

Member Data Documentation

CSidPlayAppView* CSidPlayAppUi::iAppView

Definition at line 120 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

Referenced by ConstructL(), HandleCommandL(), HandleKeyEventL(), and ~CSidPlayAppUi().

CSidPlayer* CSidPlayAppUi::iPlayer

Definition at line 119 of file sidplayeik.cpp.

Referenced by ConstructL(), DoBrowseFileL(), HandleCommandL(), HandleKeyEventL(), ProcessCommandParametersL(), SidPlayExceptionHandler(), UpdateCbaL(), and ~CSidPlayAppUi().

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