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envelope.cpp File Reference

#include <math.h>
#include "envelope.h"
#include "enve_dl.h"

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#define SID_LINENVE   1


void enveEmuEnveAdvance (struct sidOperator *pVoice)


const ubyte masterVolumeLevels [16]
const float attackTimes [16]
const float decayReleaseTimes [16]

Define Documentation

#define SID_LINENVE   1

Definition at line 41 of file envelope.cpp.

Function Documentation

void enveEmuEnveAdvance struct sidOperator pVoice  )  [inline]

Definition at line 274 of file envelope.cpp.

References sidOperator::enveStep, sidOperator::enveStepAdd, sidOperator::enveStepAddPnt, and sidOperator::enveStepPnt.

Referenced by Envelope::enveEmuAttack(), Envelope::enveEmuDecay(), Envelope::enveEmuRelease(), Envelope::enveEmuShortAttack(), and Envelope::enveEmuSustainDecay().

Variable Documentation

const float attackTimes[16] [static]

Initial value:


  2.2528606f, 8.0099577f, 15.7696042f, 23.7795619f, 37.2963655f, 55.0684591f,
  66.8330845f, 78.3473987f,
  98.1219818f, 244.554021f, 489.108042f, 782.472742f, 977.715461f, 2933.64701f,
  4889.07793f, 7822.72493f


Definition at line 65 of file envelope.cpp.

Referenced by Envelope::enveEmuInit().

const float decayReleaseTimes[16] [static]

Initial value:


  8.91777693f, 24.594051f, 48.4185907f, 73.0116639f, 114.512475f, 169.078356f,
  205.199432f, 240.551975f, 
  301.266125f, 750.858245f, 1501.71551f, 2402.43682f, 3001.89298f, 9007.21405f,
  15010.998f, 24018.2111f


Definition at line 79 of file envelope.cpp.

Referenced by Envelope::enveEmuInit().

const ubyte masterVolumeLevels[16]

Initial value:

    0,  17,  34,  51,  68,  85, 102, 119,
  136, 153, 170, 187, 204, 221, 238, 255

Definition at line 59 of file envelope.cpp.

Referenced by Envelope::enveEmuInit(), and sidEmu::sidEmuSet().

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