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wave8580.h File Reference

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const ubyte waveform30_8580 [4096]
const ubyte waveform50_8580 [4096+4096]
ubyte waveform60_8580 [4096+4096]
ubyte waveform70_8580 [4096+4096]

Variable Documentation

const ubyte waveform30_8580[4096] [static]

Definition at line 10 of file wave8580.h.

const ubyte waveform50_8580[4096+4096] [static]

Definition at line 356 of file wave8580.h.

ubyte waveform60_8580[4096+4096] [static]

Definition at line 705 of file wave8580.h.

ubyte waveform70_8580[4096+4096] [static]

Definition at line 1055 of file wave8580.h.

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