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6581_.cpp File Reference

#include "myendian.h"
#include "sidtune.h"
#include "6510_.h"
#include "emucfg.h"
#include "envelope.h"
#include "samples.h"
#include "wave6581.h"
#include "wave8580.h"
#include "6581_.h"
#include "mixing.h"

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#define lowPassParam   filterTable
#define triangle   triangleTable[pVoice->waveStep]
#define sawtooth   sawtoothTable[pVoice->waveStep]
#define square   squareTable[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->pulseIndex]
#define triSaw   waveform30_8580[pVoice->waveStep]
#define sawSquare   waveform60_8580[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->SIDpulseWidth]
#define triSawSquare   waveform70_8580[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->SIDpulseWidth]


void waveAdvance (struct sidOperator *pVoice)
void waveCalcCycleLen (struct sidOperator *pVoice)


const uword apSpeed = 0x4000
const udword noiseSeed = 0x7ffff8

Define Documentation

#define lowPassParam   filterTable

Definition at line 64 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidEmuFillBuffer().

#define sawSquare   waveform60_8580[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->SIDpulseWidth]

Definition at line 284 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode60().

#define sawtooth   sawtoothTable[pVoice->waveStep]

Definition at line 276 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode20(), sidEmu::sidMode30(), and sidEmu::sidMode34().

#define square   squareTable[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->pulseIndex]

Definition at line 277 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode40().

#define triangle   triangleTable[pVoice->waveStep]

Definition at line 275 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode10(), sidEmu::sidMode14(), sidEmu::sidMode30(), and sidEmu::sidMode34().

#define triSaw   waveform30_8580[pVoice->waveStep]

Definition at line 278 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode30(), and sidEmu::sidMode34().

#define triSawSquare   waveform70_8580[pVoice->waveStep + pVoice->SIDpulseWidth]

Definition at line 285 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode70(), and sidEmu::sidMode74().

Function Documentation

void waveAdvance struct sidOperator pVoice  )  [inline]

Definition at line 176 of file 6581_.cpp.

References HI, sidOperator::waveStep, sidOperator::waveStepAdd, sidOperator::waveStepAddPnt, and sidOperator::waveStepPnt.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidMode00(), sidEmu::sidMode10(), sidEmu::sidMode14(), sidEmu::sidMode20(), sidEmu::sidMode30(), sidEmu::sidMode34(), sidEmu::sidMode40(), sidEmu::sidMode50(), sidEmu::sidMode54(), sidEmu::sidMode60(), sidEmu::sidMode70(), sidEmu::sidMode74(), sidEmu::sidMode80(), sidEmu::sidMode80hp(), and sidEmu::sidModeLock().

void waveCalcCycleLen struct sidOperator pVoice  )  [inline]

Definition at line 424 of file 6581_.cpp.

References sidOperator::cycleAddLenPnt, sidOperator::cycleLen, sidOperator::cycleLenCount, sidOperator::cycleLenPnt, HI, sw_storage::len, sw_storage::pnt, sw_storage::stp, uword, sidOperator::wavePre, sidOperator::waveStepAdd, and sidOperator::waveStepAddPnt.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidEmuSet2(), and sidEmu::waveCalcNormal().

Variable Documentation

const uword apSpeed = 0x4000 [static]

Definition at line 61 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::sidEmuFillBuffer().

const udword noiseSeed = 0x7ffff8 [static]

Definition at line 62 of file 6581_.cpp.

Referenced by sidEmu::clearSidOperator(), and sidEmu::sidEmuSet2().

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